Oki Pro1050

Industrial Colour Label Printer

5 Colour Label Printer Including White

Worlds First In-House CMYK+W Label Printer

One of the only exclusive resellers in the UK, AM Labels is proud to present the latest revolution in 4 and 5 colour label printing


Brand new to the market from OKI, is the Pro1050 built with the latest OKI digital LED technology. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the toner technology allows a wider range of media options than standard inkjet, including uncoated, glossy, textured papers as well as synthetic, opening up opportunities for label media that inkjet cannot handle.

The Pro1050 brings high quality, vibrant printing in-house using the same High Definition Colour printing and digital LED technology as OKI's Graphics Arts Printers enabling you to print new creative ideas and complex print jobs.

The Pro Series is designed to print any quantity from a single label to many thousands, reducing wastage and enabling you to print what you need.


Five Colour Printing (CMYKW)

The Pro1050 includes the fifth colour option. Using white as a fifth colour allows much greater flexibility in the design of your printed labels. The white can be used as a background on transparent substrates, ideal for promotional and security labels placed on glass. White can also be used to create new exceptional designs on coloured or metallised substrates which are difficult to print using other digital printing technologies. Producing labels with a white typeface on a clear or coloured background is unique for a printer of this size. You can ensure your messages come across loud and clear without impacting the cost of the label.

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OKI Pro1050 Features:

Eye Catching Labels


Ideally suited to brand owners and print houses, the Pro Series 1040 Label Printer is designed to print any quantity from a single label to many thousands. Only print what you need reducing wastage and saving valuable time and budget.

With the same High Definition Colour printing and digital LED technology as OKI’s Graphic Arts Printers, the OKI Pro1040 brings creative printing to life with vibrant colours and high quality output at 1200 dpi.


Chemical Resistance


Using the synthetic ‘Teslin’ material, the Pro Series Label Printer can be used to produce multiple-colour narrow-format waterproof labels that have been tested to survive underwater for the duration of the EU-mandated period. This waterproof printing capability also lends itself to other industries including horticulture, where plant and tree labels must withstand wet conditions and be resistant to UV fading for up to one year.



Product Labelling

For brand identity for food, beverages and household goods, the Pro Series can be used across a range of narrow-format label types, bringing the best results for all kinds of printed label. Outdoor use labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, or labels for standard store cupboard products, the Pro Series can deliver them all. It can easily handle short-run label demands across a range of media types, unlocking a choice of options on coloured labels and formats.



Oki Pro1050 - Economical
Oki Pro1050 - Ecye catching labels
Oki Pro1050 - Chemical Resistance

economical in-house printing


Delivers on-demand, short-run colour label printing capability that drives new revenue streams


Eye-catching 5 colour labels


Generate labels with impact to capture attention, including printing white on clear and silver / gold materials.


chemical resistant printing


Proven ability to produce labels that survive underwater and are robust enough to resist UV fading.


Media Flexibility


Makes it easy to print on a huge range of label media.


Oki Pro1050 in action:

OKI Pro1050 Technology:



As part of the OKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Conduct, OKI continually reviews its efforts to provide environmentally sound solutions to its customers.

Products are designed and manufactured with reducing the impact on the environment in mind.





High Definition Color


 High Definition Color is OKI’s own unique set of market defining hardware and software technologies. Together, these components deliver unsurpassed colour printing simply, intelligently, and with perfect results.




20 years of LED Technology


OKI pioneered the development of digital LED technology in printers over 20 years ago. This innovation delivers High Definition printing – for more accurate, striking printed documents. Thanks to this digital LED technology, OKI printers are compact, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.







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Oki Pro1050

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Oki Pro1050